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Chebeauty is a premium haircare brand, created to empower black women around the world. It’s products are handmade in USA using organic and authentic ingredients from Africa.

Launched in 2022

Made in USA

>1 Million Products Sold

Cloudpillow is designed to give you the best night’s sleep you’ve ever experienced. Our adjustable pillows are fully customizable and tailored to your comfort, ensuring you get the right amount of softness that your body and mind require to wake up with a smile and feel refreshed.

Founded in 2023

50,000+ Happy Customers

#1 Cloudpillow in Australia

PURIFAIR is a portable air purifier that neutralizes harmful airborne pollutants like viruses, smoke, and bacteria, so you can breathe clean, healthy air in any indoor environment.

4+ Years

100k+ Happy Customers

#1 Pet Air Purifier in Australia

HappyCap is a cutting-edge pain relief cap that provides natural and fast relief from all types of headaches and migraines. It uses 360° hot & cold compression therapy to get rid of the pain, offering a natural and more effective alternative to painkillers and medication.

2022 Year Launched

25k+ Happy Customers

35k+ Units Sold

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